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social-media-wordsAny of you bloggers out there in this techno-info-relevant-o world knows how hard it is to keep abreast of every social media platform update, new feature news bulletin or trending upgrade announcement….let alone get all that you want to get done  in the space of eight to nine hours a day.  Whew!  Some days it’s all you can do to get a kick-butt blog post up while planning and executing the next amazing Facebook promotion.

We know you are just as busy as we are, so that’s why we are dedicated to find you the best of the best of information that is relevant to our social media cause!  We love sharing what we find with you so you don’t have to spend hours finding the relevant information that you are looking for.

I follow Social Media Examiner religiously and they ALWAYS deliver.   Read this article to see what’s new in the world of  Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more!

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